Visit our farm and buy the products that we produce in our shop and café

Resta gård is a classic animal farm with the goal to work with modern methods, focusing on the animal welfare and people’s health, without harming the environment. The farm has a small production of meat, dairy and vegetables and a wide range of animals such as dairy cows, beef cows, outdoor pigs, sheep with lambs, chickens & hens and ducks.

In our shop, located on the farm, we offer a wide range of products that are made from scratch without any additives, as well as an espresso café with homemade pastries and sandwiches. You can walk around the farm and meet the farm animals in a sort of ”do-it-yourself-farm-safari”. You can also experience ‘how to milk a cow’, ‘cuddling with a lamb’, ‘feeding outdoor pigs’ or stay over-night in one of the bed & breakfast rooms if you make a reservation prior to your visit.

The farm has its origin in the iron age, with documented history since 1296, and is surrounded by many ancients monuments. This family business will continue to develop during the next 5 -10 years into a tourist attraction for families as well as a healthy environment for recreation for people that needs an exciting get-away close to the main capital of Sweden. You need a car to get here and it is approximately a one hour drive from mid-town Stockholm, 30 minuets drive from Uppsala. Closest bus station is located in Örsundsbro, 7 kilometers from the farm.
Opening hours EVERY Saturday and Sundays 11-16